Cupping Therapy - Back only

Cupping Therapy - Back only

Cupping therapy is an exclusive service offered by Paradise Massage in Las Vegas, Nevada, we talking about an ancient form of alternative medicine that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. This suction is believed to help mobilize blood flow, promote healing, and relieve pain and inflammation in the body. During a cupping session, the cups are placed on specific points of the body and left in place for a few minutes. The suction from the cups draws the skin and underlying tissue upward, which may result in temporary discoloration or bruising known as “cupping marks.” Cupping therapy is often used to treat muscle pain, soreness, and tension, as well as respiratory issues and certain skin conditions.The marks from cupping therapy typically fade away on their own within three to seven days.

Note: This service is offered as an extra on the premises when a massage is requested.

Can it be added:
◦ Foot Scrub
◦ Essential Oil
◦ Pain Relief Oil
◦ Back Scrub
◦ Hot Stone

Price List:
◦ Back only – 30$

Benefits of Our Extra Services


Foot Scrub

Benefits of Foot Scrub:
1. Helps remove dry skin
2. Relieves tired and achy feet
3. Improves flexibility and range of motion


Pain Relief Oil

It is commonly used to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, promote blood circulation, and provide temporary pain relief, incorporating herbal ingredients known for their analgesic, anti-Inflammatory, and soothing effects


Back Scrub​

Back Scrubs remove dead skin cells, and also provide several benefits:
1. They allow your skin to absorb moisturizer better by doing dead skin cell buildup, any moisturizer applied afterward will soak into the skin more thoroughly
2. They unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs
3. They leave your skin smoother and more even


Essential Oil

Lavander: Increases calmness and relaxation
Eucalyptus: Encourageseasy breathing, enhances feelings of relaxation, creates a refreshing feeling when used in massages, soothes nervous tension, and helps clear the mind
Rosemary: Believed to have various benefits, including relaxinf muscles, improving blood circulation, enhancign mental clarity, and reducing stress
Peppermint: Peppermint essential oil is believed to stimulare circulation, redure feelings of nervous tension, soothe feelings of irritability, boost energy, balance hormones, and enhance mental focus


Hot Stone

1. Helps relieve muscle tension and pain
2. Reduces stress and anxiety
3. Promotes sleep

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